Music is Medicine, Music is Sanity

Robert Gupta is passionate educator, musician and an activist for mental health issues. He discusses his experience with teaching a man with schizophrenia the violin the the personal lessons he acquired from this experience. This man used to attend Juilliard but after not being able to manage his schizophrenia he ended up homeless on the streets of skid row in Los Angeles. Gupta discusses how music pulled this man out of his lowest state and how music had allowed this individual to express his creativity and emotions. He also emphasizes how taking part in music allowed the man with schizophrenia to come back to reality when having manic or psychotic episodes. Playing the violin allowed this individual to be accepted into society and be a part of a musical community that adored and respected him. Participating in a passionate occupation (the violin) physically and mentally saved this man’s life.

The movie “the soloist” was based off this man’s experience.


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