Snoezelen Rooms

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 3.46.36 PMSnoezelen or controled multisensory environments is a therapy for people with autism or developmental disabilities. Because of their disability, these individuals may feel understimulated or overstimulated.  These rooms are here to provide different senses in order to assist in creating sensory balance.




Sensory rooms in Mental Health: Champagne (2006) suggests that OTs must become more active in collaboratively creating and promoting the use of sensory rooms across mental health. She suggests that these rooms should be applied to adult inpatient acute mental health and forensic settings (Champagne, 2006). Studies indicate that sensory rooms can provide sensory and emotional modulation for mental health clients, as certain stimulus can be nurturing and healing. As well, Champagne (2006) indicates that sensory rooms have potential to positively influence self-organization and impact recovery.

Champagne, T. (2006). Creating sensory rooms: Environmental enhancements for acute inpatient mental health settings. American Occupational Therapy Association: Mental Health29(4), Retrieved from


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