Random Act of Kindness at Queen’s

Random Act of Kindness at Queen's

I found this note from a fellow student in the girls bathroom at Queen’s University. This makes me realize that many people around me can be feeling lonely and out of place without being obvious about his/her emotions. Sometimes emotions and mental health can impact an individual, but he or she does not know what to do or how to get help. It is still hard for individual’s to admit if they have a mental condition or problem, especially with the consistent stigmas so prevalent in mental health.

What makes me upset is that this individual felt the need to reach for help through a post-it note in the bathroom. We need to help make our university environment more open to communication regarding mental health. The lovely individual who left this note in response shows that there are people out there in our own community that DO understand and DO want to provide support. We all need to take a stand and perform random acts of kindness like this. Perhaps the girl who wrote a response helped put a smile on the girl’s face who was seeking for help. At least now she knows she is not alone, whatever her condition or mental state.


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