Lab 7: Psychoeducation


In today’s lab we learned about psychoeducation. Psychoeducation is education provided to individuals who live with a psychological disturbance. Education can also be provided to family members and friends in order to help them understand and learn to live with or care for an individual experiencing mental health issues. It is important to consider the family when talking about mental health, as the family is often heavily impacted. The family unit can be impacted emotionally and if they do not find proper ways to cope, they can feel isolated, at a loss and even experience caregiver burnout.
Lab Activity:
In class we were handed fictitious family member names associated with individuals presented on video, who are living with different mental health disturbances. I was a single mother, whose son was living with schizophrenia. Two students in our group acted as OTs trained in psychoeducation and facilitated a discussion with the ‘families’. This simulation was effective as we were able to place ourselves in the shoes of family members who care for and want to support their loved ones with a mental illness. During a therapeutic session like this, the family members are able to provide empathy and also provide support for other family members. In addition, other people in the meeting can share knowledge and ideas regarding how they cope as a family and strategies they use to open up lines of communication with their loved ones.


(Chen & Krupa, 2013)


(Chen & Krupa, 2013)


(Chen & Krupa, 2013)


Chen, S. & Krupa, T. (2013, May). Psychoeducation. OT 845 psychoemotional
determinants of occupation. Lecture conducted from Queen’s University,
Kingston, ON.


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