Coping Strategies

Tait, L. (2004). Adapting to the challenge of psychosis: personal resilience and the use of sealing-over (avoidant) coping strategies. The British Journal of Psychiatry, (185), 410-415. Retrieved from

This article discusses “sealing over” or “avoidance” as a coping mechanism for individuals experience psychosis. The conclusions indicate that individuals who “seal over” is associated with multiple signs of low personal resilience in adapting to psychosis

LHatzipetrou, L. (2010). Coping with psychological distress associated to positive symptoms of schizophrenia: A brief cognitive behavioral intervention. Sage Journals9(5), 339-352. Retrieved from

This article is a case study that examines the assessment, treatment and outcomes of a 53 year old man presenting with chronic paranoid schizophrenia. The treatment consisted of cognitive behavioural therapy -specifically “coping strategy enhancement approach,” which is a treatment used for individuals suffering from persistent hallucinations and delusions. The case study findings saw reduction in depression, anxiety and stress as well as increased confidence in managing and coping with symptoms of psychosis. Image


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