Sherwin Nuland: How Electroshock Therapy Changed Me

Sherwin Nuland, a surgeon discusses his battle with depression. He describes in detail how debilitating the symptoms were for him and that other doctors almost gave up on him. They thought of doing a frontal lobe lobotomy to ‘cure’ him when a younger doctor indicated that if they were to proceed with this, he will never have the chance of being a surgeon again and he will not love his family and children the same way. He fought for him to have ECT, which saved his life. He was able to have hints of motivation after sessions of ECT and his internal locus of control changed; he now understood that he has the ability to change and control his mental disability. He even initiated using a ‘trigger’ word to snap him back to reality whenever he had a negative thought. This TED talks was very eye opening to the positive effects of ETC treatment.


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